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Paddhari, Gujarat, India is an extension of the Gujarati Matrimony service provided by Patidar Samast Seva Samaj.

Today in any field, with the help of technology, people are able to get a variety of choices. It is all the more important when one has to choose a life partner. It is with the noble intention of providing a wider choice to all people of the Patel caste, that Patidar Samast Seva Samaj has started “”.

Patidar Samast Seva Samaj trust hopes that all the well wishers of the world wide Patel community will help this sincere effort and make it a huge success. is dedicated for the cause of all patel caste all over world , and hence we have built our website as a first step to help all patel groups for match making, with listing of more than 32 groups and more adding today , we are truly a dedicated matrimonial website for patel samaj , for patidar samaj.
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